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Adopt A Tree Program

A Delicious Way to Support the Park

The Adopt-a-Tree program offers a unique opportunity for private citizens or groups to adopt and nurture an apple tree through an entire growing season. For a nominal fee, you choose whether to become involved in the entire process from pruning to harvest (we’ll teach you how), or leave the care to us and just enjoy your harvest. It’s a great opportunity for families and friends to work on a project together and learn about growing your own apples.

Adoption Categories


All adoptions are good for one harvest season. There are two adoption options available: Pruning Adoptions ($45) Not Currently Available and Orchard Supporter Adoptions ($70). Information on 2022 Adoptions available in December. 

Pruning adoptions $45 (December through April only) Not Currently Available

Adopters in this category are required to prune, thin, harvest and clean up windfalls from their tree. FREE pruning classes and trained volunteers are available to help and provide guidance. People interested in a pruning adoption must submit their application and adoption fee before the pruning season (December – April) is over.

Orchard Supporter Adoptions $70 (offered all year for one season)

A perfect choice for people who can’t help prune or other related care of their tree, but who wish to help support the orchard. Volunteers will prune these trees from January through March. Orchard Supporters are responsible for harvesting their apples and picking up windfalls. 

Please click the link below. You can type to fill in the form and then print. Mail printed form and check to PO Box 65793, University Place WA 98464


How to locate your Tree. Download and Print: Tree Map Curran Orchard 2020

All adopters’ names will appear on their trees. While current adopters receive priority on adoptions for the following years, trees are usually available for adoptions.