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Adoption Options

Thank you for supporting the Curran Apple Orchard Park! Each tree adoption is good for one harvest year with all proceeds going towards park maintenance and activities.

Adoption benefits include delicious apples, getting your name on a tree tag and getting the opportunity to participate in an Adopter’s Only Cider Squeeze in mid August.

There are two types of tree adoptions: Pruning Adoptions and Orchard Supporter/Gift Adoptions. Please review the requirements carefully before picking the adoption that is right for you.

*Pruning Adoptions ($45 available January through April)
Adopters are REQUIRED to prune, thin, weed, harvest and pick up windfalls (approximately 4-6 tree visits per year). Free pruning instruction is provided as well as a powerpoint on our Pruning page.

*Orchard Supporter/Gift Adoptions ($70 available January through July 31)
Volunteers will prune your tree; however, you must thin, weed, harvest and pick up windfalls.

If you just want to support the orchard without a tree adoption, donations are always welcome!

Adoption Brochure

Adoption Form

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