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Ripe Apple at the Orchard


The Curran Orchard offers an Adopt a Tree program for each harvest year. 

Tree Adopters pay for their trees and take care of them throughout the year.  In return, they are entitled to the harvest from their tree! Public apple picking is allowed from designated trees starting at noon on the day of the cider squeeze. Leave trees alone that are taped and/or display do not pick signs. 

Based upon variety and weather conditions, different apple varieties can ripen between late August to mid September.  

Each adopted tree has a sign with the adopter’s name on it.  

If the tree is also taped with “Do Not Pick, Adopter Will Pick Signs,” LEAVE THE TREE ALONE!

If the tree does NOT have a “Do Not Pick” sign, feel free to harvest a bag or two of apples starting on August 28th. Large scale harvesting is not allowed.  

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