Pruning Dates
& Insect Classes

*2022 Pruning Dates – Trained volunteers and Master Gardeners are available to assist people at pruning dates held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the following Saturdays at the orchard: 

  • January 29

  • February 12 & 26

  • March 5 & 19

People are welcome to prune at their convenience AFTER receiving appropriate instructions. Recommended pruning tools include work gloves, hand pruners, loppers and hand saws. Some tools available on site. Please carry all trimmings to the dumpsters.

Adopters are also encouraged to view pruning videos online including Carol O’Meara Apple Tree Pruning on Youtube.

Core Revised 2020 Pruning Powerpoint

Other pruning info:   W. WA Pruning Tree Fruit – The Basics – WSU Extension

Seeds of Change – Pruning Apple Trees:  How and When for both young and old (video online)

To arrange for additional free guidance, please contact

Informational signage regarding proper pruning techniques and tools are also located near the Curran Barn as well as by the Espalier Fence off the Grandview Drive entrance into the park.

Click here to download the Student Volunteer Liability Form

*Insect Class at the Orchard Barn
Saturday, May 7, 2022
9am – 10 am

Learn how to deal with the dreaded apple maggot and other pesky insects at a FREE class taught by Master Gardener and Western Cascade Fruit Society member Bill Horn. The class is scheduled from 9am – 10am in the orchard barn, located at 3920 Grandview Drive West in University Place.

Please pre-register at

Be sure to wear old clothes and bring gloves.

Free Mason Bee Class

Mason Bees – Check out Orchard Mason Beekeeper Rick Mercier’s video on  “How to ‘bee’ successful raising orchard mason bees”  at It’s all the

*Tree Care – Visit the Tree Maintenance page to read about proper pruning techniques and tools. You can also visit the WSU Master Gardener site.