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The Cider Squeeze is the celebration of a year’s growth at the orchard and the culmination of lots of pruning, tending and hard work by adopters and volunteers alike. It’s the day we invite the public to come share the bounty of harvest and watch as their apples are pressed to cider while listening to live music. Here’s what to expect:

  • Pick apples from designated trees

  • Watch pressers turn apples into cider or do it yourself (get in line by 2pm to press apples)

  • Enjoy some apple pie and other refreshments

  • Savor the atmosphere of the orchard with Johnny Appleseed, the Big Apple, and Sunset Bible Bluegrass Band

It’s a great opportunity for you, your kids and friends to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon and enjoy some lively community fellowship.

Annual Curran Apple Orchard Cider Squeeze
Sunday, Aug 27th, 2023
Noon to 4pm
  • Admission to the Squeeze is free. 

  • Please do NOT bring HOME GROWN apples to prevent the spread of disease.

  •  Do bring clean jugs and picking bags from home or purchase jugs at the event.

  • Pressings are limited to two milk crates per family. 

Summer Concert Curran Apple Orchard
Small Child Picking Apples

We need volunteers for this fun event! Contact for more info.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the day.

  1.  Start at the info booth on the Grandview Drive entrance to get bags and press coupon.  If you’ve adopted a tree, we’ll help you find it. If not, why not consider adopting one–the returns are delicious!

  2.  Pick apples from any tree in the orchard except taped trees. No home grown apples allowed to prevent the spread of disease. Limit your pickings to 2 bags so everyone has a chance to enjoy the day.

  3. Wash Stations -All apples must be washed prior to squeezing. You can wash up to two milk crates full of apples at one time.

  4. Press area- Take the two milk crates of washed apples and your press coupon to the pressing line. Due to the popularity of our event, pressing opportunities may be limited. It is recommended that visitors get into the pressing line with their washed apples by 2:15 p.m. Each family will get one pressing per time (up to one gallon or two milk crates). The amount of cider will vary based on the size of the press and juiciness of the apples. Feel free to take extra apples home to enjoy. If you want to squeeze again, please return to the back of the line.

It is highly recommended that you boil or pasteurize raw apple juice/cider before drinking to destroy any harmful bacteria. Refrigerate and drink within five days or freeze for later use.

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