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Tree Adoption Policies

 Maintaining the health and vitality of the Curran Apple Orchard is the utmost priority of the annual Adopt-A-Tree program.

Adoption fees are used to support various orchard programs and maintenance.  We value your support…but please be aware that we cannot control Mother Nature (wind, temperatures, rainfall and pollination!).  Trees can also have a great harvest one year, then “rest” the following year, resulting in reduced harvests.

Please note:  Once trees are assigned, there are no refunds or changes. 

All Pruning Adoptions ($45 level only available December through March 31st) are required to maintain their trees following the below schedule: 

January-May Tree task schedule: 

Pruning  Pruning parties are held on Saturdays from 10am – 1pm on the following dates in 2023:

  • March 18

Adopters that are comfortable with their pruning can also come at their convenience

Pruning brochures and schedules are available at the barn and at Adopters must prune their own trees each year according to standards.  Place all branches into a pile by the dumpster.

Height – Tree height should not exceed 12 feet high to ensure adequate spray coverage and harvesting.

Width — Branches should not extend beyond the drip line which is the area around the base of the tree covered with bark chips.  Branches should not touch branches of adjacent trees. Sufficient room should also exist between rows to easily allow access for pedestrians, mowers and spray equipment.

Leaf Buds Vs. Fruit Buds

Before you begin pruning, examine the branch for leaf buds versus fruit buds. Fruit buds are generally plumper and “furrier” whereas leaf buds are slim, flat and smooth.

If all fruit buds are removed, there will be no flowers to pollinate which means there will be no fruit. Leaf buds also play an important role in that 10-12 leaves per apple are needed to provide nutrients.

Early May

Insect Class/Sticky Apples — Learn about fighting insects at a free class

on Saturday, May 6, 2023, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.  Help hang Sticky Apple traps from 10 a.m. to noon to help reduce insects.

Late May/Early June — Thin Your Trees!

When fruit is the size of a nickel, start thinning your trees!  Fruit should not touch each other.  Gently twist off fruit and dispose of in dumpsters.


Windfalls –Weather conditions  affect the timing and amount of windfalls.  Please check your trees and place windfalls in the dumpster.

If you do not wish the public to pick apples from your tree, please tape your tree and attach signs stating “Do not pick.  Adopter will pick.”

Please remove all tape and signs after harvest.


Enjoy the harvest! The 2023 Cider Squeeze is Sunday, August 27th from noon to 4pm.

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